Coldani Olive Oil is Here! December 5, 2012

(Post Update on Friday: This was forwarded by a member: ┬áIt’s a great reason why working with local producers is important!)

We received the first batch of fresh-milled Coldani Olive Ranch Olive Oil today. Sampled it at dinner…WOW! I must say that I’ve never had oil that tastes as fresh or as complex before.

Coldani Olive Oils

Olive Oils from Coldani Olive Ranch waiting to hit the garage shelves.

It was milled on Saturday, and Mike came in from flood control in their grove (they were expecting a lot of rain) and shipped it out to us that day. The freshness is key – Teresa tried it with gluten-free olive bread and said that it didn’t even taste like olive oil – it was more like fresh olives right off the tree!

It is unfiltered, so has all the ‘good stuff’ in it, and it sure shows in the taste and the mouth feel. We’ve got sampler bottles (1.5 ounces) and a few 20-ounce bottles, otherwise please bring your own bottles to fill. (You’ll need to know the size of your bottle in fluid ounces.)

I definitely under-ordered. We’ve already sold three bottles (we’ve only had it in the garage for 2 hours). I’ll be making another order later this week to make sure we have Christmas supplies.

Also, keep watching for a new post this weekend. We’ll be offering holiday gift baskets full of good stuff from the garage. (Hennie and Owen might use it as a kids’ fundraiser.) If you have someone hard to buy for, a garage gift basket might be just the thing!

See you in the garage


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