Update Nov 29, 2012

Happy Post-Thanksgiving!

Lots of traffic in the garage the past few weeks – it has been great to see all of you stopping by as we move into the holiday food season. There are some great (and some not so great) updates to share, including:

We will be adding small-batch California Olive Oil to the garage late next week! We have connected with a small family olive grower in Lodi, California to receive unfiltered, new crop olive oils directly from their family grove. Coldani Olive Ranch is aa very small family owned and operated company. The company consists of Mike (the founder) his parents, his wife, and his sister and her husband. They do everything in house, from gropwing and milling to their own labels and marketing. They have been making olive oil for the past 6 years, and have been milling their own oil for the past 2 years.

The oil will be in bulk, and you’ll want to bring your own bottles to use (I’ll try to have some available in the garage just in case). Pricing will be about half of what you can get good olive oil for in the retail stores, so a fabulous addition to the garage.

On other updates – eggs are tricky! Karen had almost half her hens dispatched by a rogue racoon or fox, so we are very thin on eggs. We are looking for additional suppliers, and Lone Hawk Farms may be able to help us out. Their eggs are $5/dozen, so we will have different prices on eggs. If you can double-check the pricing on the cartons, that is appreciated.

We have added a small amount of hand-pressed apple cider from Ya Ya Orchards, just outside Longmon on Highway 66. Seriously – try it and there is no going back to store-bought cider. Add a few cinnamon sticks, heat it up on the stove, and the aromas alone will have your neighbors knocking on the door asking for some…

See you in the garage,


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