Our Producers

Garage Grocer seeks out local foods and products that range from range-raised beef to handmade lotions and soaps. We don’t have hard and fast rules about the producers we select, other that they must be Colorado producers and ideally based in Longmont, Boulder County, or Custer County. We also source products outside Colorado that can’t be grown/sourced locally, but we must know the source (e.g. maple syrup and salmon).

We currently have products from these producers:

  • Music Meadows Ranch (Custer County, Colorado) – Grass Fed Beef
  • BlackMane Coffee (Longmont, Colorado) – Small batch, fresh-roasted coffee
  • Bukor Apiaries (Longmont, Colorado) – Local Honey
  • Rocky Mountain Milling (Platteville, Colorado) – Organic Flour
  • NuDe Food (Boulder County) - Organic, Nutrient Dense Bars
  • Wisconsin – Maple Syrup (a friends has 10 acres of trees they tap just for us). Not really local, but Sugar Maple trees don’t like Colorado much…
  • Fresh Alaskan Salmon (Seasonal) – We have family in Alaska and we arrange for fresh Salmon each spring. Not really local, but we know the source!
  • Little Creek Farms (Lyons, Colorado) – Farm fresh eggs delivered weekly
  • Jodar Farms (Fort Collins, Colorado) – Free range, local chickens
  • Rosita Mary’s (Westcliffe, Colorado ) – Handmade, small batch lotions, creams and soaps
  • Outrageous Baking (Longmont, Colorado ) – Gluten Free pastries, flour, and pizza crusts
  • YA YA Farm and Orchard (Longmont, Colorado) – Apples, Apple Cider, Eggs
  • Coldani Olive Ranch (Lodi, California) – Small batch, hand-pressed olive oil (Yeah, not local to Colorado, but olive trees are pretty tough to grow here…)

Other Producers Worth Seeking Out:

We are always looking for new sources and providers – please email or call us with other producers you want us to meet!

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