December 12, 2012 – Garage Update

Hi all -

Great news! We have Coldani Olive Ranch barrel-aged balsamic vinegar available. I put out a few sampler bottles at $2 each, and will add more as soon as I find more bottles. It is so sweet, rich and thick that it is literally a syrup in the bottle.

Also, come pick up some free samples of Applewood Smoked Sea Salt. I have about 16 bags; it is strong smoke, so use it sparingly. Perfect for dry rubs (I can imagine it as a pastrami dry rub) or for sprinkling over complimentary cheeses.

We have more olive oil, so those who were unable to get some last week can snag some.

Also, the egg situation is looking up, just in time for the holidays. We have a good supply (at least 7 dozen in the fridge right now). I’ll be making a batch of my homemade eggnog tomorrow with fresh cream (Longmont Dairy), fresh eggs (the garage), and local Stranahan’s whiskey. I will post the recipe this weekend since I’ve had many requests to pass along the good cheer.

See you in the Garage,


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