Update Nov 2 2012 – We have Pumpkins, Beef, Coffee, and More!

Hi all -

Yep, waaaay too long between posts…. We have been swamped with travel, but we are finally back in town. We have a great addition to the Garage – heirloom pie pumpkins courtesy of Vince Wolfe, one of the founding members. He grew two varieties, both spectacular for baking. They are either $4 or $6 – we have a limited supply, so come by soon.

We are also well-stocked on Music Meadows beef. Elin delivered earlier this week (thanks to Elin for going out of her way to drop off.)

And chickens – we have lots of chickens! They are whole birds, and if you need any advice in cooking them, we’ve got some great recipes. Once you roast them, use the carcass to make chicken stock – we get 4 quarts of stock from each bird, and use our veggie trimmings and the chicken remains (sounds odd, doesn’t it?) to make stock that blows away any packaged broth you can buy. I’ll leave some frozen stock in the freezer on Sunday for those who want to try homemade stock.

See you in the Garage!

-Nels and Teresa (and Owen and Hennie)

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