New in the Garage Sept 25

Finally! A much-delayed post. Sorry to have been out of commission for so long, been a busy month. The good news – I just picked up summer-pastured beef from Music Meadows. The cattle came off the high altitude range a few weeks ago (just before the snow). The color looks beautiful, and we can’t wait to try it. We’re going for slow-braised short ribs tomorrow night.

We have finally located a great source of pork! It has been a challenge to find a provider that fits well with the garage. We placed deposits on two whole hogs, one for early November and one for spring (March/April). I’ll provide details about the farm and how they raise their “girls” – we hope to get out East to the farm in early October to meet everyone.

We also have eggs coming back online. The pullets are producing normally, and we received 11 dozen eggs on Sunday. Whew! Thought we were going to have an egg riot on our hands…

Hope to see you all soon in the Garage!


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