May 24, 2012 Update

We’ve got more maple syrup on the way! We get small-batch pure maple syrup from friends in Wisconsin. They have roughly 10 acres of maple trees, and this year the fast spring thaw and the abnormally warm weather risked the entire season. Luckily, they were able to get enough sap to produce six cases in total – we’re the lucky recipients of two.

We should have the syrup available next week - the conditions this season led to an extra sweetness and depth, so we are excited to have our first sampling! This year the bottles will be $18, an amazing bargain considering the quality. (Check out the prices for a quart of high quality maple syup in the stores and you’ll see…)

We still have a few bottles in the garage from last year – snag them for this weekend’s holiday brunch.

Have a great weekend

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