What’s Available Now? May 21st

What’s in the Garage Today? We’ve got a LOT of fresh eggs from Karen’s farm – her hens are clearly enjoying the sunshine! The eggs are very rich with¬†deep, dark orange yolks from their new spring diet (weeds, grasses and insects hold a whole different appeal to chickens.)

We also have ground beef from Music Meadows ranch (only $5/lb for high altitude, range-raised (100% grass) beef). We’ll be picking up more beef at the end of May, so let me know of any special requests in the next 10 days.

New arrival – wheat flour! We have a scale in the garage, so now you can weigh out your own flour. We have both organic Colorado¬†bread flour (perfect for hard rolls, crusty breads, and pizza dough) and an organic Colorado “all purpose” flour that is ideal for soft breads, rolls, etc. If you have your own bags, bring them along, otherwise we have paper bags available that hold about 2 pounds.

We also have whole chickens in the freezer. I’ll let you know when we’re able to get cuts – many of you have asked about this option rather than the whole bird. Should be next month.

Starting Thursday, we will have Honey from the Bukor’s bees. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are 2 blocks form the garage and have hives throughout the area. Great neighborhood honey.

We only have about 8 quarts left of the maple syrup, so snag it while you can.

Good eating,

-Nels and Teresa

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