Garage Update – March 25th

Spring is on the way!

For those pining away for maple syrup, we have new season maple syrup just in. (Whew! Just in time for brunch this weekend.) As always, there are limited quantities, so come by to snag a jar or two.

We are also flush on eggs just in time for Easter, so feel free to grab an extra dozen if you want extras. The eggs are so colorful that a few members might not even dye them!

The garage is now a drop-off point for Raw Mik Shares from WiMo Farms. We can’t provide the milk to non-shareholders, but if you are interested there is information in the garage on how to purchase a share. Mo drops off the milk to shareholders each Monday. We make the most incredible yogurt from the fresh milk – the difference between the fresh yogurt and what one can get in the store is striking.

We also just received our first order of lamb from Long Shadow Farms! If members like it, we will offer it regularly in the freezer. We will post profiles of both WiMo and Long Shadow in the next several weeks.

More Coldani olive oil is on the way! We should have it in the next few days.

Finally, we’ve had a lot of questions about produce this summer. We are planning a trial run for regular local veggie orders. If you are interested, let me know and we will put you on a ‘pilot program’ list. We are planning to organize it as a mini-CSA program where members can order on a weekly basis but don’t have to commit to long-term shares.

Open to any and all ideas on thisĀ  – including a member garden table for sharing from our own backyard crops. If you have suggestions, drop us a line!

See you in the garage,

-Nels and Teresa

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