Alaskan Salmon is here! Update July 18, 2012

It’s here! Alaskan salmon is in the garage – caught last night at 10pm PT, and hand-delivered by Rob at 1 pm MT. Still fresh, and I’ll keep it in the fridge until about 9 pm tonight before it goes in to the freezer.

It’s $11 per pound – you can help youself to your choice of fillets, use the scale in the garage to get your weights.

We didn’t think we’d get any this year – still only about 10% (or less) of the Kenai has been opened. They haven’t opened up much commercial fishing at all, and they are still trying to protect the Kings (they are almost non-existent) so that has restricted all the traffic on the water. We were lucky to be on of the top on the list to get the salmon since this is our third year of orders. We received just under 40 pounds total, so there’s not much -  savor it while you can.

Happy fishing in the garage,



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